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lock that shopping cart

a co-worker pointed out that shopping carts now have anti-theft. Further ideas about lockingthem while people were shopping are too funny, but leaveit to the internet. Someone has allready done the shoppingcard lock. Great use of radio waves with the coil to pick up the data and replay it.

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multi boot laptop with encryption

Now that I have a multi boot with WindowsXP, Ubuntu, BackTrack2 security was an issue. First installed windows then used gaprtedboot disk to separate 3 primary and 1 expanded.  I have PGP watching windowsby expanding the drive (in PGP desktop) and clicking on the C: partition and encryptingthat. Then installing ubuntu in partition 2. Then using this guideto encrypt redirected /home to partition 3. the expanded disk was then used fora bootof BackTrack2 with this tip sheet and swap. So in the end I have all three OS'srunning with PGP login at boot, then grub, then OS. here is my grub

title           Microsoft WindowsXP Professional
root            (hd0,0)
chainloader     +1

title           Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.20-16-generic
root            (hd0,1)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-16-genericroot=UUID=0dd29d80-088f-47c6-b8$
initrd          /boot/initrd.img-2.6.20-16-generic

title           BackTrack2
rootnoverify    (hd0,6)
kernel          /boot/vmlinuz vga=791root=/dev/sda7

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conference tools released

Theass-The-Hash tools from Defcon etc are being put out on the net. Specifically two tools that I have talked about (my posts about PassThe Hash and sidejacking) but didnt have code to. Pass-The-Hash,for windows has a toolkit out. As well as the sidejacking trickis also released. have phun.

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new blog post application

I just found an application called ScribeFire whichI configed as a MetaBlogAPI to the /blog/blogger.aspx in dasBlog and want to see howwell it works, This is to keep blogging from my laptop which I am using more and morethese days.

Powered by ScribeFire.

to get rid of that, you want to click the << on the left of the applicationnear the Bold button on the toolbar then uncheck it in the settings.

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lego hacking

a cool book that I need to buy about Lego’sand Hacked products you can make with them

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putting backtrack on a hard disk

BackTrack is very powerful you can find out about it and how to putit on a harddisk here

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Blog clean up month

I have started a clean up project, you will now notice on the left (currently) thereis a larger list of filtering options for all the posts I have, this way you can lookat specific areas that I post about. More important the “nerd” sectionno longer has 400 posts causing my web server to choke on server side processing.

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MythTV Guide data

zap2itwill allow pay for continuation of guide data (yahoo) also check out the blogsite it looks like a good start to tips and news.

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vista and some domain policy

make sure when adding a vista machine to 2000 that the following GPO is set this way

Domain Member: Digitally Encrypt or sign secure channel data (always)- change to disabled  -this isnt in the default 2000 GPO

Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level - change to "SendLM and NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated"

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corporate cell security

I wanted to post a quick blurb about corporate cell phone’s and security. There area lot of choices out there today, iphone, blackjack, windowsPDA’s, trio, nokia andfinally blackberrys. in regards to all the cell phones except the blackberry the securitysucks. I do know that trios have some remote erase, but if your seriously consideringsetting your company up with anything for cell enterprise look no further then blackberry.the amount of security that you can implement from encryption to PGP to passwordsto bluetooth and camera and mass storage use is insane. yes this is a plug for Blackberryand no im not paid for it.

The hacks that people are not using today are cell hacks, hacks on iphone etc arejust too juicy to not take advantage of, be aware of the threats that your ceo’s andmanagement are purchasing on the company.

Best practice documents and full overview of IT policy is located at following blackberrykb site

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