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Chaosreader tcp trace tool

Chaosreader will take a tcpdumpstream and trace out and dump the clear text data, such as ftp, telnet, http, jpg,wave. Why is this interesting? well you can dump out a stream with tcpdump or wireshark andcollect the data for forensics or for snooping. This would be a great free alternativeto Network Observer by Network Instruments

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Wireless Threats Paper

a good paperwritten for threats to wireless that people don't always think of, or are upcoming(with .11n) but more important tools that cause the threats.

remember that the best wireless security is wireless that is 100% air-gap. huh? putyour wireless on a separate link (buy a dsl line for your company for example) thenrequire that any use to your network is thru SSL or IPSEC VPN

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outlook calandar problem with 2007

Found a workaround, just go to File, Open, Other UsersFolder. Solves the problem for now. There is some bug with the “quick open”list that normally shows up in a toolbar on the left of outlook.

"TheMessaging interface has returned an unknown error." occurswhen trying to view a shared calendar

In Outlook 2007,an error may occur when trying to view a shared calendar from the People's Calendarslist. The error will say "The Messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook."  Restarting Outlook does resolve theproblem.

Microsoft hasconfirmed that this is a known bug with Outlook 2007.  We are currently waitingto hear back from Microsoft as to the decision on whether this will be resolved bya Hot Fix or included in Office 2007 Service Pack 1.


pull hydrogen from salt water with RF?!

this bit of news is interesting, they say they figured out how to shakethe hell out of saltwater and shake loose the hydrogen so that it can burn, but in the process it burns in open air at 3000deg F– nice. This is a crazy insane invention if its viable.

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insteresting software package

Just saw an interesting software package today, called softwarefor starving students its a windows and osx installer for a bunch of pre-bundledopensource software. They have a nice menu that says things like “video editing”and will install opensource packages for video editing and multimedia. cool. So ifyour a student, want to learn or just want to play with new software go downloadthis package.

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[movie] SuperBad

Watched superbad this weekend,it was awesome, reminded me of 80’s comedies but today. like porkeys, it was full of raunchy humor and funny times. good flick

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