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fgdump new version

I havent had time to post up about this, but there is a newversion of fgdump, this will dump the protected storage if possible, local LMtable and cachedump of any system you have admin rights to. This tool is the ifto-factotool for collecting data for pen-test stuff. The special thing about this tool isthat it will sneek past most AV tools so you dont need to kill them to audit. I alsorecommend downloading the source and compile on your own to even further protect againstAV messing this up.

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Email Load Tester / SPAM Bot

So I was

working on a script to spam a fellow classmate in a recent email proxy class I was attending,  did some searching for a Email Load Tester and found thisguys script which uses netcat topass values onto port 25 with javascript. However for the class I needed more spamlike activity, so I added random characters to the subject and body. I also wantedto test out on servers that need auth, so I added a base64 encoder. The script isas user friendly as I could make it, commented here and there.

you can save this script down as a email.js and run with cscript aka 'cscript email.js'from command line.

Usual terms apply, this isn't for illegal activity, anything you damage or break isyour own fault and not the publisher of the code. Use at your own risk, blog ownerassumes no responsibility for your doings. May cause vomiting or bowl discomfort.If so then stop using code immediately and find a potty.

If you want multi threaded emails run more then one copy at once, I haven't had thetime or care to multi thread the script.

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