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roller party – engagement story in the newspaper!

seems like the media loves me, my priorstunt of asking my dear Katie to marry me got me into the seattletimes, and no all the facts arnt correct before you all comment back. –story as follows.

Rollingparty – Seattle Times 10–20–2007

Katie Uhlenkott thought she was the party planner. Her boyfriend, KellyKeeton, of Kirkland, had casually suggested they go roller skating soon.Wouldn't it be fun, he said, to invite friends and make it a party.

Uhlenkott, of Kent, decided to turn it into a surprise 26th birthday party for Keetonat Skate King in Bellevue.

When Kelly's mother got the call, she played along.

"Kelly invited us a couple of weeks before Katie even planned her surprise party,"said Betty Keeton of Snoqualmie. "He planted the idea and let herthink she was organizing the party."

When the couple arrived at Skate King, the emcee invited them to the center of therink. There, in front of about 30 friends and relatives, Uhlenkott realized she'dbeen set up. That's when Keeton proposed.

The couple plan to marry next year.

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Ubuntu 7.10 upgrade was horrible!

The new version of ubuntu is out and as longas your not on comcast(assholes) I recommend the ubuntutorrent server, I got the iso in 30 mins. I also booted up package managerand noticed that it would take care of all the work for me.  Lets just say thatthere is a reason that linux is not on the home desktop yet, granted windows couldn'tdo any better. They just have a few more years under the belt as of now. So I clickedupdate, well since my home directory was encrypted. That trashed a lot of stuff. The‘Coup de gras’ however came when it tried to update the package-managerand update service, no idea what happened but lets just say I lost everything andspent today at the office rebuilding my laptop. I did however, put office 2007 onfor the first time. I really love outlook 07. So what did I learn from all this? backupyour work and when all fails, you will find out that Microsoft makes a good emailprogram.

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Funny Error on windows update with IE5.0 and WFW311


This is an amusing error coming from the windows update page when I loaded up windowsfor workgroups 3.11. It thinks I’m a mac.

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