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FINALLY some games for the xbox 360

the following video games I'm excited for, you see all the nerds waiting for Halo3? well that game is nothing as to the hours of play time that I will get from the following, sorry katie.

Burnout Paradise thiswith my next entry is why I purchased a xbox back in the day, also one of a few gamesI have every played to the end. Replay value is 5 star. I CANT WAIT

TomClancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction also the only game titles I stick around toplay to the end, I love this series more then candy (well no not really) I CANT WAIT

Grand Theft Auto IV possiblythe best game series I have ever laid eyes on, Im old enough to tell right from wrong,but this game is so real that I can choose wrong. Take that you lady of the street'gimmie back my cash' sweeeet america I CANT WAIT

The Simpsons Game I reallyliked the GTA rip off of the Hit& Run game this game looks possibly the best thing ever, I am torn if theWii will have anything cool (I doubt it) but the Wii has a list of cool games on itsown. just watching all the commercials makes me want want want I CANT WAIT

thats $200 of video games in the next 6 months. bastards, time to break open the piggy.

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