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google hack for robots.txt

here is a fun hack for website robot.txt files."robots.txt" "disallow" filetype:txt"robots.txt" "disallow" filetype:txt

run that in a search string and you will get back the disallow strings for forcedbrowsing, you can drop the site: modifier to get more data or change it to yourtarget site.

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become ninja 31337 h4x0r with practice

Here is a cooltool (OWASP WegGoat) that will test you on your hacker skills, from 31337to nub3 you can see where you rank, I got to the last 4 modules and I didn’thave the skillz to continue (mostly the time to keep going)

I strongly recommend that if your interested in security / web security that you checkout this project and run around the site to get learned. BTW a lot of my browser plug-inswill help you pass the quizzes.

Other things to hack, wargames, de-icedistro


hack the social internet for people finding

So running around the interwebs today is a site form lifehackerto find people, Its actually a good site, there is some powerful information herethat is quite usable. For instance I just found a interview i did but didn't thinkgot published, but it did –hereI am in print being quoted about the Atari 2600 hacking days.

hereI am in print being quoted about the Atari 2600 hacking days.

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wireless keyboard hack

damn, someone beat me to this, I have been working on this for a long time. I hopeto get the source so that I can see where I was wrong…

Wireless Keyboard DeCryption

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