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so myspace isnt your cup of tea? go to and check out people that live near you. Or just talk about about people so they can go read how you dont like them… Awesome.

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Kelly Fix your Site

Yes I am aware of the ASP code crashes, My c: was full for a while and something died. I have plans to rebuild the server and fix this and all the other sites that I host.

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Decrypt BitLocker FileVault and TrueCrypt Whole disk Encryption!!!

I was just in the conference trying to swipethe memory from a laptop someone left there. Problem is that I had to remove the keyboard,then I broke my little screwdriver and when I did all this I realized I forgot mycan of air. Then it was too late my memory had gone muy loco


This isn’t a "holy crap my shit is 3137h4xor pwnd" but a "wow that’s a cool hack" sort of like Xbox running Linux oran oscilloscope that can print vector graphics from pong. This would be a cool Spytrick or uber 31337 bad guy. But if you wanted to get around it. You just use encryptedfile mounts. I woudl imagine that the protection on the temporary mounts is protectedor you just time out unmount the encrypted mount.


A elementary way to do this is the old keylogger.Works every time. I bet you arnt checking your docking station keyboard everymorning? (thankyou centas for the use of the building custodial jumpsuit for accessto your office)


I think the big thing here is dont let badguys finger your ram!


Did you see all the things that will causeproblems....


I do want a copy of the RAM2USB boot applicationthey have, as that would be handy in uses other then just hacking "secret keys"


or be totally insane and checkthis out


NBC knight shiter

So I just sat thru 40 mins of the new NBC show "Ford Commercial" its this really horrible show that has only ford cars in it. Let me list off some other shit I couldnt stand while watching the ford commercial.

  • acting as good as high school drama
  • horrible script with things like "my men and me have checked the building"
  • shit music
  • shit music
  • didnt use the original theme
  • the voice of the shit ford sucks
  • acting sucks
  • they keep showing this lame voice modulation graphic when the car talks
  • fighting sucks worse then the show chuck
  • acting sucks
  • music sucks
  • when the car is going fast it looks like a video game
  • the plot and story suck
  • the car keeps showing off to everyone that it is smart
  • fords are the only cars
  • the horrible side plot dynamics of the relation ships of the FBI dork and the playboyand the dead guys daughter. so horrible
  • play boy Mike has two girls in bed -lame
  • the car calls him mike. -lame
  • there was a fake bong in mikes house - lame
  • production value is that of a 2 hour commercial
  • the bad guys didnt know where the car was but they got to vegas the same time shedid going knight speed -lame
  • the whole shit show is lame NBC you blew it.
  • every plot will be some lame ass save America from the terrorist, not save timmy fromhis dad who hits him

by the way this list is for the new hit series on NBC Knight Rider if you didn't know.

I shut the show off because I was yelling at the TV, I couldn't even make it to thetalked about guest appearance by the legend.

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technology and security is slow

Things are very slow in the security world, I havent seen anything that is interestinglately. However in hardware hacking there is this way coool scope hack.


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