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Unlock Windows with no Password

So lets pose a problem, you have a computer with encrypted HDD and you cant reboot the PC. Or a comptuer has something worth getting in memory (encryption key) and you want it. But the computer is locked. well you can now hack this.

winlockpwn -tool to connect to windows with firewire and inject a dll hack into memory to bypasspasswords on the "windows lock screen" and allow you access to windows with no passwordwhen locked.

if your not a linux power user, or just want to cheat here is a setupquide and if you use backtrack here is a postabout it.

So a lot of people say it works, I agree that it will - it uses dll hacking for passwords,you can dothis with the computer powered off orjust hack it

so what did I get, nothing...

i get this error

IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

from, line 693: "If a node doesn't feel like fulfilling a request, itwill raise an IOError."

now if you unplug the fw and plug it back in repeatedly running the script it willstart scanning memory only to end with a device busy

seems that the "money time" is when the device is detected as a "Hard Drive" you startscanning the memory at that point. then the ipod comes in and all work ends

same issue on two computers

but who's to say Im just odd.


I got it to work, who knows if I was sleepy or a reboot fixed it. But when I poweredup. Started from "step 5" and followed steps exactly.

Dell630 fully patched on the domain and it worked! I had full access as advertised.

something I noticed was that this morning businfo has 1 on the node 0 and not 0 forall the data it spits out on what will and wont work.

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