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robots.txt file reporter

So if you didnt know, over the holiday weekend I fell off a 15ft clif and messed up my foot real good. Well as I was sitting on the couch all weekend I wanted to make a script to convert robots.txt files that are on webservers inito a nice little clickable HTML map for reporting and pen-testing. A little bash hacking and I Have a nice little working script. so I present - I think the worlds first robots.txt to HTML page converter.

update: changed the raw code to a file as Im tired of google hits with linux commands KB)

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security tool notes

so to update on a few fun tools I have found lately..

If you didnt know Backtrack3 isout get a copy
a strange search tool\
PEBKAC -a fun tool to pull out the fat finger users

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hacking the DOL traffic flow systems

I have to sit at a traffic flow system every day, you know the ramp meter system. So today I just noticed that they are easy to hack. If you give a car length away from a car infront of you (keep off the Tar filler for the sensor in the pavment) and the other car in traffic, and then once they get the green light and it turns red again pull foward over the sensor and bam green light. I assume they all work the same or close to it. give it a try and mess up the traffic a little more.

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