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Server 2008 GUI SUCKS

So you might have noticed that my websites have been having issues lately. This isbecause my old ProLiant1850 finally got too old to play anymore rainder games. Soin a quick chop chop, I took a trusty old P4B motherboard and put Server 2008 on it.

Now server 2008 has a lot of bad ass features, I really like core forexample. And the new options for managment for IIS-Apps, or the new schedualed taskmanager. etc etc..

However the thing that ties them all into one package the GUI what a total waste oftime. I cant express how much I hate, dislike, or generally spit in the directionof the 2008–vista-GUI

I dont know what ass at Microsoft decided to change server to match the WindowsMEthat vista is. When I get on a server and want to add a user for some testing I dontwant some Lame ass GUI vista windowsME looking user add control panel, I want rightclick on my computer – system manage and add a user like we have for 9 yearsnow. WHY MICROSOFT WHY. This only scratches my hate for this new interface.

Anyway I wanted to rant just for server 2010 when it releases Microsoft, Please goback to the UI that we have all learned to use in our sleep and not force admins touse fluffy wizards and crap ass MMC’s that are bulky and slow. I hope you googleand find me.

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Family Blogging

Katie is hard at work blogging everythingfun. People ask me 'why is your blog so nerdy it was fun' I just am working my assoff now (not saying I wasn't before) but I had more time. So today I try to bringyou fun blog. If you dont know I cook a lot, and to add a fun blog post with a pictureI took a picture of the fat I pulled out of the pan when I cooked a meatloaf today.The meatloaf was excelent.


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firewall burrito

I heard someone use the term firewall burrito the other day, I have heard of a firewall sandwich. but whats next? A firewall Pizza? When I googled firewall burrito nothing came up at all… so I figured I would be the first post.

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speed trap data

here is a fun site that keeps a record of all the speedtraps, cameras, and red light cameras

you can export the data into a CVS file that you can then put into your various device(garmen, blackberry …) anything with a GPS ability. even the unidenscanners have a hack nifty…

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kiosk attack back

do you hate seeing a kiosk? you you hate the word kiosk, are you ever at ikea to look at shit and want to break something? now is your chance. its a kiosk killer. you can  1) laugh as you make a dirty picture with paint.exe 2) test your own kiosk 3) justblack list this page so others cant hack you as easy.

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cant afford DefCON

well I cant afford the time, and untill my company thinks its cool to hack things (doubtfull) I just reas RSS about it. I found this handy list of all the toolspublished at defcon this year. by ZDnet? wtf.

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Not To Scare But Make Aware

I have a upcomming presentation in bellevue.This is my ever evolving hacking and low hanging fruit presentation, there is a fairammount of new content its a 30 min talk to brush over the top 10 things. I wish Iwas DefCon Cool but untill then…

Look I even Have a Bio register here anduse nca2008KK for a code

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sad server

my dual pentium3 550 compaq 1850 has decided to get old. If you have noticed or havent,all my domains have been dead for a bit. Its becuase when I got the server Ididnt have enough disk space so I striped the RAID. in non nerd, I lost everythingon the server.

Thankfully I am super smart so here it is back again and I only lost a day of IISlogs (like I care) So after some hacking is back on the air. As wellas the page which is much more interesting to read then this...

I am building a new server, I still dont have RAID for it, but hell its free server.and not like you donate.

I will also look into why my page looks like ass on IE7.

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Wedding Photos

forgot to post this, the wedding photos are at

Password KU0606

Pictures you took are at put in my last name

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