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Election 2008

I opened up my netflix flyer today and in the part with advertisement had a ad forCNN. The Ad read “Watch History Unfold” sheesh, those jackals will enterpriseon anything. I wonder how much Ad space will cost for election day coverage, in 4years will we have remembered the commercials of Nov4 past?

I will tell you my prediction for watch history unfolding…

My prediction, for election 2008 is that something “crazy” will happen.

  • Voter data scandal, the data for voters will be tampered with, stolen, lost etc etcetc
  • Voting means nothing, america will vote for B.O. but J.M. will become the presidentbecause of electoral vote process.
  • We see attacks on people voting

glass half full, but hey, prove me wrong america. I would be happy with that.

vote for me as a write in, I will make recess longer and pop cheaper

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Google, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

So every internet user in the world knows about google, hell I couldn't do my jobwithout google and even go as far as to put a line item on my resume saying “proficientwith google search to accomplish tasks”. Its the best home page as its simple,(unless your dave who uses yahoo). Its white like macintosh hardware so people thinkits cool. They have sharable calendars, documents, pictures, You Tube, etc etc etcetc etc.

But is google really all that the ibook users crack it up to be? I don't think so,I have long been afraid of google and the masses that flock to it like crows to abigmac in the street.

lets start off with The Good, google is an amazing search engine,its clean and they have the best user interface of any search bar none. (consideringthe top 4 not the little fish rip off’s of google UI) google has a search barthat is handy and youtube is social marketing for the future. see any fanboy for furthergood, as this post isn't really about the good.

RSS reader, this is one of the tools that I think google has that is actually veryhandy, as my RSS isn't private information and I dont care what marketing informationcan be gathered from it its the best reader I have used, and its free! a cool trickI just found was to look at your stats, see here is the day of week I read blogs aswell as the number of subscribers to feeds in google. Notice that Katie has 5 readersin google… cool.


The Bad gmail, seriously. why do people think its the wave of thefuture, I think because one reason, it was invite only at the start. exclusive clubemail only, awesome way to make people want it. but in the end, you have all youremail up on a search engine. in subject view only. what if you want to sort or folderyour email, oh you cant, you can search or tag. but the idea of the subject view hasbeen around since outlook 97.

The ability to share information, we all know of google hacking, put this into yoursearch… filetype:txt"enable password" but the information isnt stopping at what youhave on your webserver any more, your employees synch your office applications withgoogle to make the iPhone blah blah, and release your corporate information.


need I say More? (i just found this while looking for fun info)

I was looking at google documents, it appears that there is no easy way to searchhowever I will research more and post up, however this is not cool. yes store yourpersonal info on google, sounds like a great idea.

The Ugly googleis comming out with new applications every day to take personal information fromusers, I wont even get started on the google browser, or cell phone. I will focusmore on some fun things that caused me to write this blog post. might be FUD but allthe same it has merit.

I dont know if you have seen googles new enhancements to picasa, just like myspaceetc you can now tag people in pictures just to help out the search engines find youby text, but google didn't stop there. You can put the tag to the award winning googleearth to locate where they are at. Nice. (more on that award winning app later) wealso know from prior that you can search for only faces in image search by addingthe &imgtyp=face toyour URL

Sure thats a nice example but really, how good is it… here is a nicevideo on how you can play with it and whats so scarry about all this? wellif you dont care to mess around with the account to test the facial software, checkout the new line of SonyCameras with “smile shutter” Im not sure if sony released v2 of this,a lot of reviews online are bad, however I just got back from best buy, where I playedwith a camera for about 30 min in the store it works perfect. I was scared that itsso good in consumer 170$ camera.

So whats to worry? well lets just consider this math equation.

600px-US-FBI-Seal.svg  + Google_006 =the largest database of oh shit.

and one last ugly I will leave on, if you didn't think I had a point with the rest…


thats great google, keep a large database with info that I would like to have in asearch engine company.



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Slurp Slurp USB to gather good data

Im sure we all know of slurping by now but I just came across this site for windowscommand ninja skills. with that I took the time to update my slurp tool with somehacks I just didnt think about using. As well as some uses for NET that I didnt knowabout.

I have attached a copy of one of the slurp scripts I run, your milage will vary butyou should get a lots of Ideas from it if you know whats going down. (I also justfixed that my server wasnt serving up batch files)

File Attachment:slurp.bat (14 KB)

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load dos zip game into dosbox

So I am working on a project that required me to getcreative, I have about 10gb of DOS Games but they are in ZIP format, nice for storagebut not easy to deal with on a emulatorfront end, who wants to unzip a thousand files. So I set to work to make thisscript that will run a zip file game for dosbox. I read somewhere that dosbox willmount a zip file but seems like it wont work in the sdl build I have for linux, soI built this...

File (2 KB)

File Attachment:ldDOSzip.bat (2 KB)

I put up a DOS batch file, its a very basic convert from the shell, most parts workI think. I didnt actually test it. You will also need to download a unzip tool forthe command line this is also expected to be ran in XP or greater as I dont know howfar back some of the file and path variables go in msft land. comment back if youfind any issue with the dosbox batch file for windows. I will fix it up.

I did fix up the fact that by default IIS wont server up a batch file.

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clickjack wtf bbq

sigh… is this the new bump key? I havent seen a hack get run into the groundby the media since the bumpkey… seriously are we just bored in the securitynews world?


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Kiosk haha

Here is a fun thing I just ran into. Kiosk with usb port but a custom keyboard with no buttons to get into things (no start alt ctl del etc) and no explorer.exe shell so I cant "hack" this kiosk.. haha

why try the hard things to get into the device, BYOUSBK that is bring your own usbkeyboard, I like the roll up ones plug it in and have some fun haha.

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