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load dos zip game into dosbox

So I am working on a project that required me to getcreative, I have about 10gb of DOS Games but they are in ZIP format, nice for storagebut not easy to deal with on a emulatorfront end, who wants to unzip a thousand files. So I set to work to make thisscript that will run a zip file game for dosbox. I read somewhere that dosbox willmount a zip file but seems like it wont work in the sdl build I have for linux, soI built this...

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File Attachment:ldDOSzip.bat (2 KB)

I put up a DOS batch file, its a very basic convert from the shell, most parts workI think. I didnt actually test it. You will also need to download a unzip tool forthe command line this is also expected to be ran in XP or greater as I dont know howfar back some of the file and path variables go in msft land. comment back if youfind any issue with the dosbox batch file for windows. I will fix it up.

I did fix up the fact that by default IIS wont server up a batch file.

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