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Election 2008

I opened up my netflix flyer today and in the part with advertisement had a ad forCNN. The Ad read “Watch History Unfold” sheesh, those jackals will enterpriseon anything. I wonder how much Ad space will cost for election day coverage, in 4years will we have remembered the commercials of Nov4 past?

I will tell you my prediction for watch history unfolding…

My prediction, for election 2008 is that something “crazy” will happen.

  • Voter data scandal, the data for voters will be tampered with, stolen, lost etc etcetc
  • Voting means nothing, america will vote for B.O. but J.M. will become the presidentbecause of electoral vote process.
  • We see attacks on people voting

glass half full, but hey, prove me wrong america. I would be happy with that.

vote for me as a write in, I will make recess longer and pop cheaper

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