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The first of …one-million trips to the hardware store -Fire and Locks

So if you don't know, We will get the keys to our new home in about 2 days. This is a new chapter in which will get a new section on the nerd blog for HomeOwnership. I will share the blood sweat and tears and the nerd about owning a house.

Today I spend my first $200 dollars at home depot.. Kelly what can you do with 200dollars you ask? You might think I could buy a 2m/440 antenna I have been wanting... nope. I purchased two deadbolts with matching door handles, and 3 smoke alarms.

Now you might know that I am big on lock security, I have found a cool item from KwickSetlocks, which formally I am not a fan of. But they have these new ANSI1-BumpProtectionLocks that are real smooth, I read some of the lock-picking notes onthem and peoplesay they are good and at least "worthy of a bump stop logo" good enough for me. Butwhat really sold me was that I can rekey the locks myself with just a new key. Thisis real smooth as I can now give out keys loose keys and add doors with no locksmithfor re-key or problems of security.

My new Smokedetectors took up the remaning 100 of my trip, I got 2 units for hallway use withAC backup, and one CO/Fire unit with AC and backup. I chose these units because thetwo I can put in the 1st floor and wire them in the attic, the CO/Fire I can try tofigure out how to wire near the furnace in the basement. It will be a real pain towire up for sure, but I feel the extra value of having two floor alarming to be alarge benifit. Also if I can hardwire them I can ignore the 9volts and steal themfor a emergency electronic project.  I do know that the consumer (Homedepot)CO2 detectors are not anywhere as good as the professional ones, I will have to lookinto that for the future if we ever have kids (7 years katie) BTW did you know thatthe CO2 detectors are only good for 5-7 years if they start chirping for no reasonthey are dead. I think fire is the same way, I never knew that I just whacked themin my last apartment till they shutup.

They have wireless units that will alarm in synch wireless, but my problem there iswith HF/VHF radios I dont want my damn fire alarms popping in when I do finally finishthat radio project.

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for the last week I have noticed that my Internet router was going nuts. I didn'treally care much about it as my www server is on a firewalled network separate fromthe rest of the crap; but today I finally was like OK enough of this. Went into theserver to see whats up.

I had over 600mb of ftp logs!

So just as a FYI, I dont name any account administrator the 1 million passwords thatyou tried there was a waste except if you want to fill my disk up with logs.

I am all for the fun of seeing how secure shit is, but my internet connection isn'tthe best and lately I have noticed that my netflix on-demand keeps showing poor connection,I dont know if you …hacker… are the cause of this but I like my moviesbetter then I like to see if Im smarter then you. So FTP is now dead to you. So aseverything is bigger in Texas I hope you can find another address to play with.

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[movie] Gran Torino

Grand Tourino a movie about the life of a car, or the life of a old tired man, or some greedy kids, or some new neighbors. This move is the first I have bloged about for some time. That is because, no movie as actually made me say …woah, that was a good f*n movie. I really liked every plot, sub plot, side story and theme to this movie. I cant say enough. I do hope this was Clint’s last move ever because if your going to go out looking like a bad ass - I would die with this as my last bit of artistic work.

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So I went to london to enjoy some shitty food and the next thing I know I was takenBy Pirates! These Pirates wont let me go untill you pay them USD1’0000 Dollar.Please! Forgive you for not taking time to phone. Please send help ASAP dont callpolice they will might kill me dead!!!!!!!11!!!! YOu CAN paYpall the cash to KellyKeeton@….

Awesomenews story of wolves attacking prey with social enginering.

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netflix roku update

the netflix roku just got a software update, its AWESOME. I now get DVD quality or better footage from the unit even with my lame ass internet (Qwest come on) if you have the device reboot it, if you dont have it go get one from netflix its 100% worth the 99$

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Delta Airlines – not king of the sky.

So Im sitting on the airoplane to mormon-state utah and as im relaxing in a MD-90I have a few things to think about as I bump along.

1. MD90’s are bendy and bouncy im sitting in a plane with 40people and I can watch the sides of the plane bend and shake.

2. MD-90 for tall people I remember flying on MD90’s beforebut they were always full this one I got to move around and just FYI that row 27Aand 27E are where you want to be with a follow up of 26B …this is on deltabut I assume any carrier with no buisness class on board is the same. row 27 has noseat in front of it for extra exta leg room 26 is just one seat all alone.

bounce b o unce bo u nce…

3. Delta is always late why…

4.OMG WTF Delta no longer offers Ginger Ale Ican speak for myself my brother and Mike Estes when I say what the hell delta. Thisisnt funny or even cool. BYOGA (bring your own ginger ale) I went with fresca whichwas ok but not my normal in flight G.A.

5.TV Sucks they didnt turn on the audio for the TV till about 30min into turning on the movie, but then I realised its TBS pushing some lame televisionshow on us, went back to some ipod

6. Delta’s home is in SaltLake Utah

however I just got great news that its SNOWING in utah and 7 degrees YAHOO, I loveshitty weather (I really do that isnt sarcastic) and I get a rental car there. Couldlife be any better? Yes, I could be at home playing Animal Crossing and catching fishand tending to my fruit.

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