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Delta Airlines – not king of the sky.

So Im sitting on the airoplane to mormon-state utah and as im relaxing in a MD-90I have a few things to think about as I bump along.

1. MD90’s are bendy and bouncy im sitting in a plane with 40people and I can watch the sides of the plane bend and shake.

2. MD-90 for tall people I remember flying on MD90’s beforebut they were always full this one I got to move around and just FYI that row 27Aand 27E are where you want to be with a follow up of 26B …this is on deltabut I assume any carrier with no buisness class on board is the same. row 27 has noseat in front of it for extra exta leg room 26 is just one seat all alone.

bounce b o unce bo u nce…

3. Delta is always late why…

4.OMG WTF Delta no longer offers Ginger Ale Ican speak for myself my brother and Mike Estes when I say what the hell delta. Thisisnt funny or even cool. BYOGA (bring your own ginger ale) I went with fresca whichwas ok but not my normal in flight G.A.

5.TV Sucks they didnt turn on the audio for the TV till about 30min into turning on the movie, but then I realised its TBS pushing some lame televisionshow on us, went back to some ipod

6. Delta’s home is in SaltLake Utah

however I just got great news that its SNOWING in utah and 7 degrees YAHOO, I loveshitty weather (I really do that isnt sarcastic) and I get a rental car there. Couldlife be any better? Yes, I could be at home playing Animal Crossing and catching fishand tending to my fruit.

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