KellyKeeton dot Com v3.0 reverse engineering life



for the last week I have noticed that my Internet router was going nuts. I didn'treally care much about it as my www server is on a firewalled network separate fromthe rest of the crap; but today I finally was like OK enough of this. Went into theserver to see whats up.

I had over 600mb of ftp logs!

So just as a FYI, I dont name any account administrator the 1 million passwords thatyou tried there was a waste except if you want to fill my disk up with logs.

I am all for the fun of seeing how secure shit is, but my internet connection isn'tthe best and lately I have noticed that my netflix on-demand keeps showing poor connection,I dont know if you …hacker… are the cause of this but I like my moviesbetter then I like to see if Im smarter then you. So FTP is now dead to you. So aseverything is bigger in Texas I hope you can find another address to play with.

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