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new toy

I got a new toy, this picture is the same as mine just …mine isnt as shinylooking. ‘73 F-250 Ranger XLT Camper Special. 390cc bbl 6.8l It’s a sweettruck. Here is hoping it has a longer life under my care.



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backyard webcam

I have put in place a webcam – its to watch the new goats (seekatie blog) and make sure they are still in the back yard. If I get time I willmake this webcam have a better view.

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I read your email

I did some research today and figured it would be handy to note my references formonitoring email for a employee for security reasons. I was tired of looking thruposts about legality reasons why you shouldnt do this. I just read others email soI dont care. I just want to reference my blog when people need to BCC email of co-workersin the furture.;en-us;871110

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New House Photographs

So we finally found the camera from the big move, but one thing is still bad. We hadno batteries for the camera. So no flash. Seriously I tried every battery in the areaand they were all dead, even the rechargables. So the images are lacking light butthis is house photos 1.0 hope they will do for now.


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odd things for the day

1. Kleenex has TM the phrase “Let it out”. Does that mean that Charmin toiletpaper cant use that phrase?

And also how many hits do you suppose the charmin page gets a month? They only makeT.P. do they need a webpage??!

2. I saw a guy on the street today smoking a cigarette he also had a huge respiratoron around his neck for construction work he was doing.

3.I went to home depot to change out some stuff, when I paid the lady asked for mydrivers license she then asked me if this was my ID, yes, She then says I don't thinkso this doesn't look like you. You have no glasses and facial hair in this photo.I say “dno its mine” she then replies that she didn't think so becauseI was much much younger looking in the photograph. Hrm…

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burn your OS to a Live CD

this is sweet you can turn your deban(Ubuntu) intoa read-only live CD this is great

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backtrack 4

like every other blog, I will blog about backtrack4 out. Its real slick as it alsohas memdump for dumping ram from boot built into it. Some cool tricks is the USBBoot This way cool tool to makea bootable USB but the backtrackteam also have a blog now.

best of all its now debian and not a live CD but a REAL operating system!! no longerdo I need to run slax just for BT

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back on the air

DSL is back in, I actually have faster upload speeds here so I should have a fasterpage.

Pictures of new house will be soon.

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address change might be down for a bit – Im in the process of moving my DSL

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