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I cant stab you with a spoon

I am eating dinner in denver international. First RANT ATT why the heck cant you get3G working in a airport seriously that isnt even acceptable….

As I munch away on my burger I cant help but notice something funny, I only have areal fork. The spoon and knife are plastic. Why the spoon? Can I easily pry somethingwith a spoon? and what is to stop me from bringing my own spoon thru security. sigh…

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Cheap Blinds

I recently put up blinds everywhere in the house, becasue of cupons we had I purchasedblinds at Home Depot and Lowes. I thought I would review some of my findings.

Lowes, Had more selection on expensive blinds (fancy wood ones and other styles) Howeverlowes cheap blinds SUCK! they are by far the cheapest binds out there. Lowes “cheapcut to fit” blinds however are cool they have the draw string in the back andclose much better then the ones with the draw string in the middle.

Lowes cut to fit are also full aluminum hardware at the top this is much better thenthe plastic ones. However they are still cheap in places.

Home depot has better quality cheap ass blinds, however the cut to fit cheap onesare not as good as the lowes ones

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big ass empty mall

Today I had some free time and got lost in Kansas City – I found this bigass mall which is empty its crazy to seeall the property that is vacant. Seriously you cant really imagine the scale of this thing and then see it all empty with trash all over. Its surreal.

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