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airports and united suckage

as I wait for my flight today in KCMO international – possibly the lamest internationalairport as they lock you in the gate and you cant walk around, the only food is froma crappy little cart. I got here early because I didn't wake up for the extra earlyflight home. of course my flight is booked because of people missing the early earlyflight due to the time change today. Which makes me pissed as that flight was empty.

So brings me to my current flight, my lovely company buys the cheapest crap ticketsthey can off ebay or whatever and then shoves me in a center seat. seriously wtf.So I ask to move to a isle,

sir that will be 39.99. well all we have is our extra-class seats left. United hereis a google hit for united sucks. its only 130 for a first class upgrade why the hellwould I pay 40 bucks for a crappy in front of the engine seat?

To get on to my airport security lameness, I fly quite regular normally once a monthsomewhere so I consider my self a veteran flyer – I do not take my liquids outof my bag EVER its a dumb security attempt to further make flying a pain. SomethingI have noticed lately when I arrive into security early or real late. People actuallylook at the security scan on the xray. If you fly normal times no one cares what youhave in your bag I obviously fly with a TON of electronics only if I arrive into securityin a slow time do people even give it a thought. Today I arrived extra early becauseI had nothing else to do…(hence the non nerdy blog) They gave me crap aboutmy toothpaste and such telling me I need to take it out. I stared at him and saidOK, then he said seriously you need to, I said well I will next time. No I wont. Iwill just let them take the time to search thru my dirty underware. and think to myself as he tells me “you know if you would have taken this out it would be alot faster” no …no I dont think it would Im still stuck here, this wayI at least get to air out my undies so they dont stink so bad when I get home.

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