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things around the n’hood

So today I worked from home for various reasons and here is a account of my day…

1) The neighbors dog can jump over a 6 foot fence. Into my yard with the goats. Iwas also told after this happened that the dog has the ability to walk along the topof the fence like a cat. They call him trapeze dog.

2) Goats take no crap from a dog in the food area. After #1 the goats charged andtried to ram the dog. haha Goats 1 dog 0

3) Two kids in the area skateboard every day, today I heard them yell out “dudewe are totally going to my house to have some pizza and mountain dew” ahh tobe in high school again…

4) I was able to make a QRP QSO with a guy on top of Mt.Si that was cool

5) My fear of owning goats happened today, …they got free. We had to chaseafter them. I left the gate open, but they have now had a taste of free range andthey want more.

I also washed the pickup, which hasnt been done in 5 years it was a mess. But I didget REAL photos of it online 1974 F250 CamperSpecial

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