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I miss you grandpa…


I miss learning how to drive with you. I miss weeks on the Island. I miss your storiesabout goats. I miss your songs. I miss you and grandma taking us to town. I just wantedto be greedy and have some more time – I don't miss cancer, its a real painin the ass.

I don't pretend this blog makes a difference or anyone actually gets information fromit. However I like to think that somewhere a random person finds it when they aredealing with a problem and I help. Be it with microsoft products, security issues,goat care, …life. I like to think that I know it all – but I don't.

I do know that the only way you can ever take away the pain of death is to know thatif you trust in God - that one day when your cancer comes, you can bewith your family once again. If God isnt your thing, I cant express how importantit is to just call your loved ones, and remind them that you care, because the clockof life isnt yours to wind.

I love you grandma and grandpa’s and Kathleen and I will see you soon.

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