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PDF not paedophile

Want to be more secure online? Stop using Adobe Acrobat reader to open PDF documentsin your browser. That's what F-Secure virus hunter Mikko Hypponen, the closest thingto a rock star holding court at the RSA security conference, is advocating.

Ditching Adobe Acrobat Reader will greatly reduce your chances of getting your PCinfected by a drive-by download, says the pony-tailed Hypponen, who was recently profiledin Vanity Fair. "That's my advice," says Hypponen, "I don't expect a Christmas cardfrom Adobe."

The bad guys are increasingly using security flaws in Adobe Acrobat Reader browserplugins to open a backdoor to your hard drive. These instructions get implanted whenyou visit a tainted website. The next time you use Adobe Reader, a very tiny poisonedPDF from the bad guys also opens and installs the backdoor that may allow them totake over your computer.


from USA today – however I fully support that claim I use FoxitReader

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