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open source visitor badge software

I recently had a requirement to build a visitor badge system but didn't have any cash.So i created my own software! I build what I am calling for lack of a better termphpvisitorbadge. Runs on PHP has a SQL backed and will catalog and log your visitorsfrom multiple locations and also give you a sign out ability. I actually reverseengineered the idea from someone but came out with a dandy product. So if you havea LAMP like install sitting around let me know what you think. IN the next week ifI get time I will set up a demo site with the server software running. I added somesecurity to the page but not a lot as its intended for internal use only. HoweverI am curious on how much people could hack it if I let them.

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first time I have ever made a mess of a simi-truck! sigh… thats costly. youdont want know.


Goodto Go Pass:  $11.07

Windshield: $274.85


Fuelloss for no delivery and sending an extra truck to pick up the trailer: $17.75


Timeloss for 2 paid drivers not able to conduct there routes:  $105.00


Administrativetime involved with truck repair, accident investigation, insurance claim, and correspondencewith you $105.00.


Lossof truck time 1 day $117.00


Allthe hours are based on $35.00 per hour. 


Totalcost for this claim: $630.67


Theprice of being honest and stopping to deal with your mistake: Priceless.


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Whats Wrong with Windows 7 in the office place.

Im going on record here, as I think I have some ground breaking news for microsoft.I just finished playing around with a copy of windows 7 and I have this to say…

“Why do I have any need to use windows 7”

Its a waste of time, here is what I see in windows 7 a bunch of speedy bloated operatingsystem toys for multimedia users and kids. Windows7 Serves no purpose in a enterpriseenvironment.

I might be proven wrong but I dont see any reason for enterprise to upgrade to anyOS other then being forced. Why as a IT director would I ever want to start installinga mess of OS that is new bigger and has the word “store in my media vault”all over it. Poo on windows 7. My operating system is meant to do one thing …providea API to hardware for my applications. If I wanted something that poped shot fireworksand plays videos I would buy a Mac and never get any work done with it..


Message to microsoft …stop making enterprise tools bubbley. its work. not aplace for a 4 year old to print pictures and send them to grandma.

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where did go?

I didn't get hacked in the modern sense. someone drove over the phone box and hacked up some lines.

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what the hell


What the Hell…

Fox News = WTF

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nothing new to blog about lately. life and the pursuit of happiness. mostly workingon the yard and house and truck.

The truck is running schwell and took it to ellensburg with no issues. Katie did recentlytry driving it and didnt let it warm up causing her to kill it on the road.

House… oh house… what fun that I will never (ever?) stop spending moneyon you. Went to get some things at home depot for fixing up little projects. 400 buckslater I got them done. Built a shed,took down the chimney. Mowed a bunch. Katie painted the front door red. Paid a bunchof bills.

I will be in PA next week for work, I do get to stop for a day in Chicago to visitFernando.

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