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matt mcgovern in the credits of a blockbuster


G-Force Credits yes this wasthe Matt McSack we all know and love. Im proud of you McSack.

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script for shutdown of servers using psshutdown

I created a script to shutdown servers, but I had a requirement I didnt find in anyother script that I could swipe on the internet.

I needed the ability to power down two classes of servers critical servers and noncritical servers.

The scenario given that if you have limited AC you want to shut down everything thatisn't critical, but if your on UPS then you want to shut it all down (if you donthave a generator). So this scrip was created in a batch file using psshutdown. Allyou need to do is put all your critical and non-critical servers in a list file downloadthe psshutdown tool from Microsoft and pound away.

FileAttachment: Emergency-Shutdown.bat.txt 1.0 (4 KB)

the file will work from the command line or a menu driven options, I have also putrough code comments in for changing the batch file to hard-code the password if yourcrazy like that.

let me know if you find anything cool to change otherwise its as-is, be careful whenyou test!

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server 2008 printer offline

if you get pissed off with server 2008 and your printer going offline, check SNMP to your printer. on the TCP port for the printer on your print server there is a check box “manage printer offline with SNMP” if your printer isnt listening or community string isnt correct this will cause the printer to stay offline all the time PAIN. likely also a vista issue.

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incident response timestamp notepad

I had a need for a tool that I couldnt find that worked like I wanted. So I just builtone. Here is a incident responce notepad, basically it will time stamp every entryinto a file in real time. This is for incident responce teams (IRT) to deal with acrisis but take good notes at the same time for later analysis and review. I dealwith this a lot and always have some notepad files that are in consistant and messy,or papers all over my work area, very unsecure and hard to deal with.

To use the application just load it up, enter some notes and press enter to save yournote No need to save the file ever, as its realtime writing to the file. ToolTextwill help you with the buttons I dont do Icons.

Features of the IRT Notepad 1.01

-time stamp notes to a flat file

-add IR contacts to flat file

-add time accounting to flat file for billing

File Attachment:IRT (47 KB)

requires .net, there is moderate bug catching do deal with things that can cause problems.If you find something you want added or a good bug let me know. I know it works onXP/Vista with .net if it dont work for you patch your OS. This is a private programthat I am providing for feedback and just a google hit.

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July Yard Work

I posted up some pix of the current backyard status this is before mowing and weed wacking. But you get the idea.

Also some lovely parent just bought my neighbor a drum set, and for some lovely reasonthey keep it on the back deck… sigh.

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Macaroni Pizza

So after visiting Fernando in Chicago I learned about my long lost favorite Pizza.From Ian’s Pizza. I thought that cantbe that hard… and set out to make my own (which is cheaper then visiting Chicago)

1 Box of Kraft Macaroni Cheese

1 Boboli Pizza crust (or if you can make a good Chicago crust use that!)

1 Cup 4 Cheese Alfredo Sauce

3/4 Cup Cheddar Jack Cheese

1 Egg

Pre heat to 450. Make the Macaroni and Cheese as directed on box, its important touse the Kraft stuff as it has more of a industrial cheese taste to get you to theIan’s original. After its made its important to let it sit and cool for a bit.Not only do you want it a bit cooler for the egg, but it also makes the sauce setup better. 5 min of cooling of completed dinner should do it. While cooling take yourcheese sauce and spread on the pizza crust. I am lazy and use a boboli but its HIGHLYrecommend to make your own thin crust (pizza is all in the crust). Sprinkle a bitof Cheddar jack on and keep the rest.

Back to the Mac when cooler scramble 1 egg in a bowl and add to the Mac. Then stirso its all coated. Put this mess on the pizza sauce on the crust and use the restof the Cheddar Jack on top of the Macaroni.

Cook on the oven rack for 10–15 min so you get a nice oven baked crust, don'tworry about the toppings they arnt going anywhere pay attn to the bottom of your crust.Then let it cool for a while if you can. and BAM your eatin chi-town style.


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