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Macaroni Pizza

So after visiting Fernando in Chicago I learned about my long lost favorite Pizza.From Ian’s Pizza. I thought that cantbe that hard… and set out to make my own (which is cheaper then visiting Chicago)

1 Box of Kraft Macaroni Cheese

1 Boboli Pizza crust (or if you can make a good Chicago crust use that!)

1 Cup 4 Cheese Alfredo Sauce

3/4 Cup Cheddar Jack Cheese

1 Egg

Pre heat to 450. Make the Macaroni and Cheese as directed on box, its important touse the Kraft stuff as it has more of a industrial cheese taste to get you to theIan’s original. After its made its important to let it sit and cool for a bit.Not only do you want it a bit cooler for the egg, but it also makes the sauce setup better. 5 min of cooling of completed dinner should do it. While cooling take yourcheese sauce and spread on the pizza crust. I am lazy and use a boboli but its HIGHLYrecommend to make your own thin crust (pizza is all in the crust). Sprinkle a bitof Cheddar jack on and keep the rest.

Back to the Mac when cooler scramble 1 egg in a bowl and add to the Mac. Then stirso its all coated. Put this mess on the pizza sauce on the crust and use the restof the Cheddar Jack on top of the Macaroni.

Cook on the oven rack for 10–15 min so you get a nice oven baked crust, don'tworry about the toppings they arnt going anywhere pay attn to the bottom of your crust.Then let it cool for a while if you can. and BAM your eatin chi-town style.


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