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incident response timestamp notepad

I had a need for a tool that I couldnt find that worked like I wanted. So I just builtone. Here is a incident responce notepad, basically it will time stamp every entryinto a file in real time. This is for incident responce teams (IRT) to deal with acrisis but take good notes at the same time for later analysis and review. I dealwith this a lot and always have some notepad files that are in consistant and messy,or papers all over my work area, very unsecure and hard to deal with.

To use the application just load it up, enter some notes and press enter to save yournote No need to save the file ever, as its realtime writing to the file. ToolTextwill help you with the buttons I dont do Icons.

Features of the IRT Notepad 1.01

-time stamp notes to a flat file

-add IR contacts to flat file

-add time accounting to flat file for billing

File Attachment:IRT (47 KB)

requires .net, there is moderate bug catching do deal with things that can cause problems.If you find something you want added or a good bug let me know. I know it works onXP/Vista with .net if it dont work for you patch your OS. This is a private programthat I am providing for feedback and just a google hit.

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