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script for shutdown of servers using psshutdown

I created a script to shutdown servers, but I had a requirement I didnt find in anyother script that I could swipe on the internet.

I needed the ability to power down two classes of servers critical servers and noncritical servers.

The scenario given that if you have limited AC you want to shut down everything thatisn't critical, but if your on UPS then you want to shut it all down (if you donthave a generator). So this scrip was created in a batch file using psshutdown. Allyou need to do is put all your critical and non-critical servers in a list file downloadthe psshutdown tool from Microsoft and pound away.

FileAttachment: Emergency-Shutdown.bat.txt 1.0 (4 KB)

the file will work from the command line or a menu driven options, I have also putrough code comments in for changing the batch file to hard-code the password if yourcrazy like that.

let me know if you find anything cool to change otherwise its as-is, be careful whenyou test!

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