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Sharp Atomic Clock Instructions and Manual

I have a Sharp SPC373 Atomic clock every 2 years the batteries die and I can never find the manual when I need it. When I google this topic I just find people looking for the Manual. So google here is your answer. I dug up my manual and will paraphrase the most common stuff here.

Remote Temperature: Important note install the batteries in the remote sensor first, before you install batteries in the clock.  if the sensor will not detect you need to manually search for the sensor. Make sure the channel settings are correct on the remote sensor and the clock (Default Ch1) Press and hold the Test Button, the channel display will blink. If you still cant get it to work try it in the same room. If it still wont work. Press The reset button on the clock and sensor then try again. If it still wont work buy a new clock.

Set the Time Zone: press Time button once to view current zone, pressup or down to change the zone, press the Time Button to exit the setting mode.

Set Time and Date: press the Time or Month/Day button for 3 secondsto set. use up and down to change value

Radio Control Time:Once the batteries are installed in the clockthe clock will begin to seek out the signal to update the time this will take 5–8minutes if 8 minutes has gone by recommend setting time manually. Otherwise you canpress the Receive button to tell the clock to seek the NIST WWVB signal. The clockwill only search for signal at night automatically @17:00 and 02:00.   If the radio icon is flashing in the clock area the signal is received ok, if noneor part of the icon is showing the signal is poor or not working correctly (the iconis a satalight looking thing with 5 ‘radials’ that blip towards the mainicon), relocate your clock or try later. It is recommend to set the clock manuallythen let the automatic control take over.

the 12/24 button will set ‘military time’ the Min/Max button will showthe current min or max temp on record for the sensors. The Alert button is for settinga alarm to the temperature sensors, note that the time alarm must also be on for thetemperature alarm to activate.

if something is not clear I can re-phrase from the original guide or fix it here,just comment or email.

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  1. Thanks for the atomic clock quick instructions. Cute kids too!

  2. Hi, thank you for this wonderful resource! It has helped tremendously! I now have only one problem: my clock seems to be stuck in DST and I can’t find a way to change it to standard time. Anything in the manual?

  3. Any idea how to UNSET the alarm? I can set the alarm, and the alarm icon appears. It will then alarm every day, stopping when the alarm button is pushed.

    How do I make the alarm icon go away?


  4. I followed the instructions regarding installation of the batteries (specifically to install the remote sensor batteries first,) and the channel on the remote matches the channel on the base unit; I cannot get the outside temp to register on the base unit- just dashes.
    Are there any other steps I can try?

    • Sometimes I find that it just gets wacky and just pressing the reset buttons on all devices will clear it up – you obviously need to reset it again. But normally resetting the battery and pressing reset should do it.. or pressing the channel button on the back of the clock after the reset on the remote sensor is pressed.

      • Thank you! It was a problem when I bought it and now when bats expired. Incredibly, only last option worked: reset remote, reset channel in remote (I even moved back and forth the slider), press sync in clock. Only then a little antenna by the temperature started flashing and finally info started arriving.

  5. I lost my step by step manual for the SPC373
    Please HELP

  6. We have a SPC1003 Sharp Atomic Wall Clock. We had to change batteries in the outside sensor and now the month and day are incorrect and the time shows AM instead of PM. The time is correct but 12 hours off. Any suggetions? Thanks.


  7. Any idea where you can purchase an additional transmitter for the Sharp SPC373?

  8. Call the Sharp Customer support. 1-800-237-4277 (1-800-BE-SHARP)

  9. Thank you for your most asked question/answers. The time zone deal had me stumped. I could not find the book either. I appreciate you being there. Thanks again. From Phx Az. 85029. Hope you and the family have great holidays. If you & the family drive, be extra careful!

  10. Thank you, thank you! Fixed my outside temperature reading once again after being unable to use it for about a year, or almost 2! Now I know inside AND Outside temperature, which is why I bought this clock.

  11. Hi just this morning the face was blank on the clock so I put new batteries in both the clock and sensor
    Everything was restored except the time is on PST I’m in MST so it’s an hour earlier.
    I tried the buttons on the back and with the exception of the time button the rest are deep set like they were pushed and didn’t return back to their original position
    It’s about 3 years old, the clock. Is it time for another?

  12. Hot dang! Worked for me. I’ve been fooling around with this clock for a week and could not get the outside temperature transmitter to connect. Following your suggestions was able to get it to work first try. Thanks.

  13. Thanks so much, Kelly. I would never have gotten the time to EST without you. Wish I could find the manual

  14. I truly appreciate your information about setting our atomic clock. Thank you so much for posting this. I followed the instructions and was able to set our clock after we had installed new batteries. I told my husband when all else fells you look on line for help.
    Sincerely Wayne and Samia Morrison

  15. Thank you. I couldn’t believe it worked. Now I have to try it with another clock. Guess I have to wait until 2:00 tomorrow.. Thanks again

  16. Sweet. Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much! I’ve pressed every button I could think of to set the time zone correctly. I knew it was a time zone issue. Because the clock kept changing to be 3 hours behind the current time. It never occurred to me to press the time button once, not hold it. Same thing happened to me as what you described, the batteries died, and I had no idea how to set it up again after 2-3 years. I never have been able to get the remote temp to work on this clock even when it was new. I just gave up on that functionality. Thanks again for your help!

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