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a week on the east coast

I got stuck on the east coast for work last week. Here are the things NON work relatedI did.

Went to ValleyForge (transmitted ham radio form there)

Went to A Flyers Game (hockey)

Went to the Philadelphia Science Museum

Went to a NASCAR race

Went to the New Jersey Battle ship (transmitted hamradio on the ship using the ship antennas)

got lost in Jersey (in hoods white people dont belong in)

Of the trip the BEST was the Boat and NASCAR, the boat was amazing – simplyamazing. NASCAR was everything I hoped it would be, I just wish we had more time there.For a work trip it was a rather awesome vacation. Put 950 miles on the rental andgot only one infraction (oops now I have a point in PA). Ran over 1 dead raccoon 12times, spend $480 in reimbursable cash. 5 tanks of gas, 3 nights of ice-cream. 2 trafficbarrels destroyed. 1 cone, 6 “for sale” signs (it was awesome)

The look on daves face… priceless. (dave was my coworker who I terrified fora week)


here is a sign that was funny “thank you for participating in security”


NASCAR track, you see no cars because a blackberry cant snap a 200mph car in its shutter



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new shack photos

over at Ihave updated some pictures of my antenna and the new shack layout. I dont know whyI didnt do this before, as katie says “stacking things is a efficent use ofspace”


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do the fair

we went to the fair today. katie says I dont like the fair but I dont belive her.

I saw some huge nut sacks… (the blocks on the table are nuts)


I saw some pigs


I saw some goofy inventions


I purchased some goofy cool inventions


and this has nothing to do with the fair, but I wantes to put this in here


I saw this truck full of crap


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16Sep/090 is officaly a hacker site!

Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy.
Reason: one or more categories denied helper='Default Business Hours' details='Hacking'
Method: GET
Path: /blog

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First SSTV transmission ever!!

2009-09-10 031859 {20m} {Martin 2}

SSTV is when you transmitt images across the radio waves. its like Skype but witha lot less technology. I am super excited if you cant tell! If you notice my faceon the corner that is the image I sent him and how it looked. That is really good!

BTW that was to hawaii so all said that is a far way away. all I used was my radio,my computer and wire in the back yard in a tree for an antenna. We also had a smallchat, it was very cool.


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