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Travel around

Too much travel lately! From NJ to to NY to Spokane and Beyond! AND NO SNOW!

here are some interesting photos from my recent travels around the USA


me in times square at 1am


saw this at my hotel, never seen Harley parking only


I didn't understand this one that sticker says $10 Charge for unauthorized removalof cable cover, took at apart and there was nothing inside that was interesting. justa wall drop. I have no idea...


After that it was off to Hawaii, it was a good time I might put a photo album backonline to deal with all the pictures.

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spam bot fun

Last week I had a MSN IM bot hit me to try and click on a link, I had some fun with it...

Diana says:
Kelly says:
 who this?
Diana says:
 Sorry to add you like this. My name is Diana
 I am the ex of someone you have on MSN
Kelly says:
 how else do you add people
 I bet you are
 do you need money
Diana says:
 He dared to cheat on me so I'm adding all of his contacts to show them the Xvideos we made together
Kelly says:
 Im sure you are
 give me a link
 so I can click it
Diana says:
 You can see them on www.xxxxxxxxxx
Kelly says:
 oh thats nice
 you are fat
Diana says:
 It's free but you have to confirm you're at least 18
Kelly says:
 I run Linux
 your site said cant load
Diana says:
 I am Diana...I took your address on my ex's MSN
Kelly says:
 can you help me compile flash so that I can run your sexxy time?
 you said that
Diana says:
 don't give this link to anyone please www.xxxxxxxxxxx
Kelly says:
 your a limited bot
 tell me more
Diana says:
 your mom
Kelly says:
 go on
 your turning me on
Diana says:
 crap, my sister blocked me on MSN lol. I went to www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx to findout
Kelly says:
 I might click on the link
Diana says:
Kelly says:
 I need a funny one
Diana says:
 my mom doesn't want me to.
Kelly says:
 you live with your mom
 are you 18?
Diana says:
 I'm from Kansas City but I like to travel 
Diana says:
 I wont talk dirty with you before you confirm  that you are an adult
Kelly says:
 would you travel to me?
 give me a test
 something only someone that is 18 would know
 like the old xxx video games
Diana says:
 I'm 19
Kelly says:
 you know, what was the 4th president
Diana says:
 I love painting. I do abstract art
Kelly says:
 questions like that
 whew your 19
 that means we can have children
Diana says:
 I love making movies lol.  I'm born to be a star  
Kelly says:
 Im thinking 11
 a star?
 why are you wasting time on IM?
 what type of art? I spray paint buildings that dont belong to me 
Kelly says:
 did I make you run out of things to say?
 dont leave me
 I almost clicked your link
 come back
 habla espanol?
 me gusta leche
 how about french?
 you left me
 I hope you log this somewhere
 I thought the linux joke was funny
 I will need to block your account in
Diana says:
 if you block me, I'll tell your friend
Kelly says:
 whew your back
 it must have been the block keyword
 what else is keywords
 who is my friend
 do you need money
 I can wire you a check
 I have 100000000 american dollars I need to send to someone
 Im glad you use good grammer
 you must be an american bot
Diana says:
 very well, you?
Kelly says:
 that is a question to my preposition
 and after my good grammer comment
 you suck balls bot
 no balls keyword
 I will leave this open for a bit
 I lost interest for now
Diana says:
 Nothing, but what can you offer me?
Kelly says:
 I will go back to trying to get flash to work on ubuntu
 I said I can offer you 10000000000 USD
 for instant transfer
 but I need a picture first
Diana says:
 I have a few on www.xxxxxxxx
Kelly says:
 haha clever bot
 your ugly
 Im sure it wasnt you
 DUDE you TOTALLY h4x0r3d my XP!
 that isnt cool
 my right click isnt working
 did you do that
 and someone changed my wallpaper to david hasselhoff
 I thought you were a chick
 im only into chicks
 Im watching live bareback riding, ... that turn you on
Diana says:
 of course!
Kelly says:
 haha another key word
 what else can I get out of you you hussy
 you put up so easy
 this virus sucks
 now all my websites are going to
 you ever listen to the country song all my X's live in texas
Diana says:
 I'm an hardcore Avril Lavigne fan lol! About you?
Kelly says:
 Im more into the cyrus girl
Diana says:
 I'm 5'8" and weigh 136lbs
Kelly says:
 that is way over the BMI for your age
 you need less of the bottom of the pyramid (food)
 stick to the veggies and eggs
 so lets recap
 your short and thick, live at home a divorce
 your a real prize
 and you live in the middle of nowhere
 if you had a webcam
Diana says:
 no cam sorry
Kelly says:
 this is a fun game
 better then sexting

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HamRadio Gadget for Windows7 and Vista

I have created a gadget for looking up QRZ profiles and having a desktop view of propagationdata as well as sun spots etc. This is a very simple gadget but I find it very usefuland I hope you do as well, as of my blog post I had 380 downloads in 24 hours, notbad. Helps that QRZ considered it news!

If you like the application donate to N0NBH and QRZ as its their bandwidth your usingto make this tool happen for you.

This application has been checked on Windows7 beta/rtm and vista. Remember that onvista your limited to sidebar space in relation to screen resolution so your resultsmight vary.

If you have bugs or feature enhancements please let me know, the biggest feature Iam working on is a spotting or cluster gadget, just need to make it usable, fittingthings into a tiny window for all to read isn't easy!

HamRadioGadget (33.74 KB)

TheWindows Live! gallery page (slow to update code)
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