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HamRadio Gadget for Windows7 and Vista

I have created a gadget for looking up QRZ profiles and having a desktop view of propagationdata as well as sun spots etc. This is a very simple gadget but I find it very usefuland I hope you do as well, as of my blog post I had 380 downloads in 24 hours, notbad. Helps that QRZ considered it news!

If you like the application donate to N0NBH and QRZ as its their bandwidth your usingto make this tool happen for you.

This application has been checked on Windows7 beta/rtm and vista. Remember that onvista your limited to sidebar space in relation to screen resolution so your resultsmight vary.

If you have bugs or feature enhancements please let me know, the biggest feature Iam working on is a spotting or cluster gadget, just need to make it usable, fittingthings into a tiny window for all to read isn't easy!

HamRadioGadget (33.74 KB)

TheWindows Live! gallery page (slow to update code)
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