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cisco VPN client and windows trouble shooting

Seems that the Cisco VPN client is alwayscausing issues. I found a cool page today about cleaning up and upgrading the DNEor Deterministic Network Adaptor. Basically this tool allows (cisco) to find out whichadaptor in your computer is currently attached to a network and not use the others.

so with out further..

make sure to take note of the winfix toolto clean up the existing DNE problems

And no this will not help with the CiscoVPN client and windows x64 bit issues. Cisco no longer supports the good old IPSECclient in 64 bit (actually no major vendor supports that) they have all gone to SSLVPN, in the case of Cisco you need to look at the AnyConnect Client. And no it wontconnect to the 3000 or 5000 VPN concentrators. You need to buy a new ASA 5500.

However never loose hope hascreated a client that will work for you, and if you landed here because you just cantget Cisco Client working.. use that one!

Other things to note that the AnyConnectClient isnt a GRE.IPSEC tunnel that means that if you use UDP your packets are convertedto TCP for the SSL protocol. If you care, Juniper SSL VPN technology is the best ofit all. The IVE or SSL appliances will connect with what they call AnyConnect it will try and use GRE first then fail back to SSL if it cant do it.

Happy Networking.

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