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busy weekend!

here is what I did with this nice weather. 12 hours days of solid work..

  • put the side walls back on my truck (the blue 2x4's)
  • took 4 loads to the dump consisting of yard debris total 2,120lbs cost $74
  • moved the camper to a flat out of the way spot in the yard
    • broke a camper jack
      • fixed a camper jack
    • ran out of hydraulic fluid on another jack
      • Katie got more
    • finally moved camper
  • mowed and weed-wacked
  • cleaned up neighbor hood trash
  • finished painting and hole filling in truck interior
  • fixed a oil issue in truck
  • washed car
  • fixed my old dipole rebuilt it with 2.0 plans
  • put new "antenna hole" in wall of basement as I now have more antennas
  • cleaned deck
  • put seed in lawn
  • put out bug killer dust
  • cleaned shed out
  • chatted with multiple neighbors, I will give one a gas tank and one might get me a50ft tower!
  • consulted Tracy about tree removal
  • removed ~1 cord of wood with Tracy from back yard
  • waxed car
  • cut down a dead bush for neighbor
  • watched Tracy sharpen my chain saws
  • Cleaned BBQ
    • made sausages with cream cheese
  • complained to Katie
  • looked around shopping area for people with signatures for legalize marijuana (didntfind any)

all in all a productive weekend. I am pooped! I cant wait for the next sunny weekend.Chores are all over, still have to clean gutters fix faucets build Katie a gardenremove a stump down some trees build a few retaining walls fix tie rods, replace someUjoints and ball joints get a 80m dipole working kill blackberries. burn something.

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a day late to the game

I signed up for a Pandora account about 3 yearsago, today was the first day I ever logged in and listened to music. I typed in Weezer,and went from there - every song after that for the next 2 hours was music I love.Now if they could only figure out how to put this in my car. Or make XM radio havetechnology like this. Oh well back to XM, but I will have a guilty pleasure of 40hours of free Kelly Radio every now and then!

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ARRG Pirates Upgrade to 3G and all is lost

what happens when pirates use this page? LiveShip Map I personally think this is the coolest thing I have seen the use of googlemaps for. I find my self watching ship movement way too much.

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Inaugural Camping Outing

This last weekend went out camping with the in-laws. It was the first trip with thenew truck and camper. I am happy to report that the only issue was 1.5 leaks in thecamper. Since it was raining 80% of the time we were out in the woods and this wasmy very first experience with all of it. I say that is very good!

truck&camper Thecamping was good and I cant wait for more, I did get some contacts in on 20 and 40meters on my portableham radio setup that was fun. I do have some work that is needed there however..antenna and such need some planning to better make it work with the camper. All inall it appears if it was a good trip I still haven't gone over the truck to look forany wear or leaking etc issues. But haven't noticed it yet.

ham&campmakingsome PSK31 QSO's with coco and a camper!

I did pick up 4 hydraulic camper jacks off of Craig's list two of them are bad butI only paid $20 bucks for the set, I replaced my two screw jacks today as well. thiswill significantly improve the load/unload time of the camper, also helps with onsite camping stability. I am excited. - I also updated my flikr withsome other pictures.

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new photo stream for my work on the new truck

So I haven't officially posted but I got a new truck.. (guess its official now!)



This is the truck the day I got it, and yes you might ask your self did you also geta camper? yes I did. came with the truck!

The truck is in good shape mechanically and ok shape on the body. I feel ok with itso far but after my trials with the last truck I am still cautious. Some Specs onthe new truck if you wonder.

  • 1978 F250 Custom Super Cab
  • 4speed manual 4x4 and 33" tires with 4" highboy lift on the rear
  • 400ci 6.6l FE with edelbrock 4 barrel, and hotcam upgrade
  • power assist steering, single tank but has dual tank hardware
  • 1970's 10ft camper sleeps 5, has icebox and stove. I think its dry 🙂
  • 8-12mph

There are photos of my workand fix-ups here on my flikr feed.

All good luck to this truck and happy camping trips.

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