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new photo stream for my work on the new truck

So I haven't officially posted but I got a new truck.. (guess its official now!)



This is the truck the day I got it, and yes you might ask your self did you also geta camper? yes I did. came with the truck!

The truck is in good shape mechanically and ok shape on the body. I feel ok with itso far but after my trials with the last truck I am still cautious. Some Specs onthe new truck if you wonder.

  • 1978 F250 Custom Super Cab
  • 4speed manual 4x4 and 33" tires with 4" highboy lift on the rear
  • 400ci 6.6l FE with edelbrock 4 barrel, and hotcam upgrade
  • power assist steering, single tank but has dual tank hardware
  • 1970's 10ft camper sleeps 5, has icebox and stove. I think its dry 🙂
  • 8-12mph

There are photos of my workand fix-ups here on my flikr feed.

All good luck to this truck and happy camping trips.

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