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Inaugural Camping Outing

This last weekend went out camping with the in-laws. It was the first trip with thenew truck and camper. I am happy to report that the only issue was 1.5 leaks in thecamper. Since it was raining 80% of the time we were out in the woods and this wasmy very first experience with all of it. I say that is very good!

truck&camper Thecamping was good and I cant wait for more, I did get some contacts in on 20 and 40meters on my portableham radio setup that was fun. I do have some work that is needed there however..antenna and such need some planning to better make it work with the camper. All inall it appears if it was a good trip I still haven't gone over the truck to look forany wear or leaking etc issues. But haven't noticed it yet.

ham&campmakingsome PSK31 QSO's with coco and a camper!

I did pick up 4 hydraulic camper jacks off of Craig's list two of them are bad butI only paid $20 bucks for the set, I replaced my two screw jacks today as well. thiswill significantly improve the load/unload time of the camper, also helps with onsite camping stability. I am excited. - I also updated my flikr withsome other pictures.

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