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busy weekend!

here is what I did with this nice weather. 12 hours days of solid work..

  • put the side walls back on my truck (the blue 2x4's)
  • took 4 loads to the dump consisting of yard debris total 2,120lbs cost $74
  • moved the camper to a flat out of the way spot in the yard
    • broke a camper jack
      • fixed a camper jack
    • ran out of hydraulic fluid on another jack
      • Katie got more
    • finally moved camper
  • mowed and weed-wacked
  • cleaned up neighbor hood trash
  • finished painting and hole filling in truck interior
  • fixed a oil issue in truck
  • washed car
  • fixed my old dipole rebuilt it with 2.0 plans
  • put new "antenna hole" in wall of basement as I now have more antennas
  • cleaned deck
  • put seed in lawn
  • put out bug killer dust
  • cleaned shed out
  • chatted with multiple neighbors, I will give one a gas tank and one might get me a50ft tower!
  • consulted Tracy about tree removal
  • removed ~1 cord of wood with Tracy from back yard
  • waxed car
  • cut down a dead bush for neighbor
  • watched Tracy sharpen my chain saws
  • Cleaned BBQ
    • made sausages with cream cheese
  • complained to Katie
  • looked around shopping area for people with signatures for legalize marijuana (didntfind any)

all in all a productive weekend. I am pooped! I cant wait for the next sunny weekend.Chores are all over, still have to clean gutters fix faucets build Katie a gardenremove a stump down some trees build a few retaining walls fix tie rods, replace someUjoints and ball joints get a 80m dipole working kill blackberries. burn something.

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