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grow room

I just put my seeds into the "grow" room its the room under the stairs with a growlight installed. I got the idea from my farmerfriend Enjay


Here we have some Onions Beans Lettuce Cat Nip Cucumbers Broccoli Radish and someZucchinis, later will be some Corn Sun Flowers Pumpkins and other items I will reporton later.

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new update to phpVisitorBadge

there were some bugs that were plaguing the visitor badge application, finally satdown and fixed them. newcode is up on the page. If you are looking for a simple visitor badge system touse with a automated badge printer check it out.

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Better then Duct Tape?

since owning a home I have come across a few products that never leave my tool box.Thought it would be a good blog post. Since our grandpa's days WD40 and Duct Tapeare the staples right? well I do like WD40 but I have hated duct tape forever, havinghad the background in sound and light I learned of gafferstape early on, I have no idea why you use that nasty duct tape ever. I feel itsa new era for tool box products to become staples so I give you my must own list ofnew products I have found.

SiliconTape - amazing stuff really its tape that only bonds to its self, creates a supercrazy tight bond and shrinks as it cures. This stuff is basically required when youwant to repair anything in a quick fix. it will repair a burst pipe, hose clamp, toolyou name it if you can wrap a bandage like seal around it this will hold it till youcan repair it, must have for an old truck tool box. wont dry out or get nasty in heatlike PVC tape. Its nothing new just new to me since owning a house. its never cheapbuy it on ebay or the likes.

AluminumFlashing Butyl Tape) - This actually single handed replaced duct tape for me..this actually is. duct tape. I found it when repairing duct leaks in my house itsamazing sticky as heck, strong (not for load bearing) I use this in automotive, electrical,appliances, touch up work, you name it . this stuff rocks and its cheap! recommendany home store for it.

Peel& Seal - actually what got me to blog this, just found this stuff today. Amazingstuff aluminum backed rubberized asphalt. This stuff is amazing stick it on and watertight seal is formed! I actually purchased this as a cheap alternative for DynaMatthe sound deadener product that sells for 4 bucks a sq foot to a dealer. this wasmuch cheaper and its the same thing! I will also be using this on the roof of my camperto make a poor man repair to a leak but I feel it will be a great tool for the job.It wont go on when its cold out so not the best for winter repairs but if your cheapand want to fix a leaky area in the roof that is small this stuff is awesome for is also handy to use as glue or just real good tape that wont ever come off

Heat Gun - this item isn't new to home ownership but let me tell you I use a heatgun on just about every project any more. Trying to loosen a bolt, apply any of thetape I have listed here. Dry Paint. dry out a wall, cook pop corn (yes I tried andit works) for 30 bucks its worth the investment.

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how to …. google


I was looking to fix toe-in on a new drag link I just put in the truck, while typingthis list came on google suggest.

Obviously my first click was the pregnant one, no didnt find any good videos but didfind some funny quotes

"Are you or your partner regularly exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace?You may need to consider a job change or job modification before you start your family.Certain substances can affect both the quality of sperm and the development of theembryo. "

"Make your vaginal environment as sperm-friendly as possible. Avoid vaginal spraysand scented tampons (which can cause a pH imbalance in your vagina); artificial lubricants,vegetable oils, and glycerin (because they can kill off sperm);"

uhmm did they just say vegetable oil? I would be one surprised vegetable after thatexperience!

so after that I clicked the next logical link after trying to find out how to makebabies was find someone to make a baby with - "how to get a girl to like you".. .I'mstill working on this one with katie

the best quote I had here was this.

"Here's some help coming from a girl's POV. If you've noticed that she has graduallybegan to get closer to you, ex: sitting with you at lunch, talking with you more,asking if you want to go do something, or hanging from a tree by herself out sideyour window. she may squawk like a monkey at first. but dont worry, its just a phase."

I can tell you readers . its not a phase my monkey.. .I mean wife, just went on aboutsomething something, money something, where are you! something, look at me when Isquawk at you!

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