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how far things have come

I remember making this animated GIF back in 1998 and this page was "cool" it was usingthe most advanced code I could scrape up haha.


check out my webpage back in 1998 this was like revision 3 I know somewhere I have my first everpage that was live on the internet

just as an example if you think this is "crazy" and not correct for old internet didnt get created untill 2000, and this is what microsoft.comlooks like in 1998


you say wow that looks good compared to yours haha check out the Whitehouseofficial page see that book background! and check it out links to links!

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RoadMaster Active Suspension springs for the truck

So I have a upcoming camping trip that I wanted to be prepared for and since buyingthe truck I was concerned with the camper weight on it. The previous owner had iton there for who knows how long and the truck looks like it just handles the load,dont get me wrong it drove fine breaks fine no problems there. But after loosing theold truck to a rear axel failure I didnt want that to happen again right away! theGVW of the truck is 8500 and it looks like the camper weights more then 2000 (truckis about 6 with me in it) So I went searching for a way to deal with the load andtruck performance. I found the following product that was simpler then air-bags, nofuss no mess install once and your off. RoadmasterActive Suspension Springs.


It seems to be a patented product or something as they are the only ones who sellsuch a beast. they were cheap with a deal I had form JCWhitney so I went for it withno real evidence on if I should buy them or not. So I installed them no problem atall took about 3 hours only because it was all dirty and rusty and so I cleaned upeverything down there and painted what I could with rustolium.

Once I put them on I couldnt wait to go drive about, instant change. My shocks areshot I know that and I dont care to pay the 100 bucks for new shocks (25 bucks a popx4) for new ones but WOW when I go over a speed bump its just like in my car now.Later I put the camper on the truck, it had been about 2 months since I last had iton so I forgot how it felt but I must say its tight and responsive and the springsare sprung so they are working with my old truck springs for the greater good!

I was very happy with my purchase wanting to take some of the load off the factory40 year old springs as well as add some stability to the truck, oh yes I should saythat I stopped at a scale, with no H2O on board and full gas + passenger I clockedin at 9100 that is 600 over my GVW yikes! I just hope that Dyna60 lasts and lasts,I might give it new bearings this fall!

RASRASinstalled on 1978 F250 SuperCab 4x4 with Dyna60 Rear

and yes I put the spring retainer clip on 90* wrong, that is now fixed

when I tuned the springs on my truck I did it so I could put a dime in-between thecoils rather then the quarter the documentation suggested as I read this on otherposts by people with old trucks.

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RV fan shroud hack for truck

So I have a problem with the new engine overheating only at idle, since I just pulledapart the whole thing I know my cooling is 100% perfect. However Still having issueswith the heat only when I dont move and only at idle parked. I needed a fan shroudor a electric fan to fix this. However a shroud is 120 bucks and good fans are 300bucks. I dont want to put any more cash into the project at this time so I asked aroundthe neighborhood to all the new friends I have made. My local HAM pal had a RV fanshroud from a 1970's Chevy. He gave it to me with the note that it cant ever comeback to him!

Yahoo free stuff. with a sawz-all and a bit of hardware for mounting I did a awesomejob with it, and it corrected the problem instantly!


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DE K7MHI on APRS no TNC just soundcard

so I started some projects to get working on all digital modes that I have not yettested and tried one of them was packet radio. mostly because I have no TNC and seeno huge reason to buy one.

I never saw much of a reason for APRS I don't want to publicly send my location out,but then I started goofing off with it. I'm hooked its so simple and fun to see whathams are in the parking lot I am in I just had to get more involved with it. Alsobeing that I am a self proclaimed digital master I couldn't just ignore the mass consumptionof APRS. I got the following software installed on my portable station laptop andstarted to run with it.

The Required Software TNC is available here thefile is AWGPE you just needthat zip file, I strongly suggest that you pay for this software at least the TNCpro version because its way cool and you didnt have to buy a real hardware TNC it also allows you to set up a virtual IP adaptor to connect your system directlyto a WAN over your radio port (cool!)

Also available from that site is the same authors AWGTracker applicationwhich will allow you to set up a APRS server that is directly connected to a localMicrosoftMapPoint so you can track local with no internet, it also connects up togoogle maps live. This application has real cool WX monitoring options and replayfor telemetry very cool

This software works great its especially great to get started in learning how to tuneand position the antenna for the packet RX since its all by the same author the applicationswork flawless together. Get started with that.

After I was looking into the applications some more one thing I didnt like was howthe AWGTracker would send the waypoints over to MicrosoftMapPoint it just didnt lookgreat. I then found this awesome application called APRSISCE/32 youcan get it from the yahoo group then after you get the up-to date copy you can enablethe developer downloads and get a copy that will work with AWGPE. This applicationis very cool, same stuff as AWGTracker minus the cool telemetry logging but I candownload open map files from the internet and cache them on the laptop, before I leaveI just download maps for the area I want to review and then I have a portable up todate quality map with tracking with no connection to the internet!

I have more post's later about this topic and how much more I got into it but fornow that kicks off my new digital mode and how to get started for free as well aswhat software to use to get started with it!

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After a head gasket and a rod knock – new engine time

So I tore into the engine for the head gasket failure, and found that I also had arod knock. that was sad news. So off to the parts store I went to figure out the costof all this mess. The total was in the $600 range for new parts to repair the damagecaused by the damage. At that point I figured. I want the truck to work. so with outtalking with my wife I purchased a new engine. She enjoyed that part.

So I didn't want to make a mess with the other parts and cause problems, the originaltruck had a 400 in it and it is listed as the lame engine of the era for ford howeverI never had a problem with it, other then horrible gas mileage. So I ordered the newengine and had them put a -4 cam into it (a cheap and easy performance mod at thisstage) I rebuilt the carb and got a new distributor as well. After that it was someold ford red and old ford blue paint and about 2 days on the engine stand. New enginepurrs like a kitten. Most recently I just came up vantage hill westbound (a largelarge hot hill) with the camper on the back and no overheating and no other issues!

My Engine came from this facility (local WA state so I was happy to support them)

I used a local Kent parts shop that was awesome


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Long Time No BLOG!

yes I know, I am currently working on a few draft items of the projects I have beenworking on, I will get them on line in the next day or so. So keep your RSS feed handy!Life has just been busy and with nothing rather noteworthy from a technical standpoint.I have however been goofing off with some projects here and there I will post up about.For the normal fun life in the keeton house I assume most of you know of katieblog which has most of the activities with photos we are normally up to.

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