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After a head gasket and a rod knock – new engine time

So I tore into the engine for the head gasket failure, and found that I also had arod knock. that was sad news. So off to the parts store I went to figure out the costof all this mess. The total was in the $600 range for new parts to repair the damagecaused by the damage. At that point I figured. I want the truck to work. so with outtalking with my wife I purchased a new engine. She enjoyed that part.

So I didn't want to make a mess with the other parts and cause problems, the originaltruck had a 400 in it and it is listed as the lame engine of the era for ford howeverI never had a problem with it, other then horrible gas mileage. So I ordered the newengine and had them put a -4 cam into it (a cheap and easy performance mod at thisstage) I rebuilt the carb and got a new distributor as well. After that it was someold ford red and old ford blue paint and about 2 days on the engine stand. New enginepurrs like a kitten. Most recently I just came up vantage hill westbound (a largelarge hot hill) with the camper on the back and no overheating and no other issues!

My Engine came from this facility (local WA state so I was happy to support them)

I used a local Kent parts shop that was awesome


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