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Today on the water I was "prop washed" by a friend while driving another persons boat.They hit my boat and cracked the stern. Talk about a crazy day. Thankfully it wasnot my fault (as I was not moving at the time nor had engine running) but wow whatdrama. Good to have friends with boats and not own boats! 

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boat drivers license

just passed my boaters card easy tip for test


google with this to assist in answer hunting

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Console Emulator Applications

Japan version – lots of cool stuff like SSH and SCP and CYGN on the fly as well asreal slick record and play back

also found this version

what is cool about it .. it has a web front end.. so you can put a serial consoleon a webpage javascript and access a console via HTTP/browser interesting

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Blogging from 30K Feet in the air about being 100FT below the sea!

So I thought I would take this time to chat about my recent vacation I just took.We went to the Bahamas, before we go there. actually about 12 hours before we flewI told katie LETS get dive certified! She was only half excited about this becauseas I mentioned this was . now about 10 hours before the flight.

So we busted out some PADI education like crazy then did our open water dives thenafter that we did some fun dives. so far 310min with a max UW depth of 105fsw we didsome wreck dives as well as some shark and fun coral dives. Totally awesome! I amhooked and hopefully Katie enjoys the hobby so we can do it more and more!

But as I sit on my flight with wifi at 30k feet up in the air I thought it only fittingto blog about being 100ft below!


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