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New camping season and new camper!


The little lady and I picked up a new ..old.. trailer from the neighbor. The old inbed camper went to craigslist. The upkeep of that old camper and the fuss that wasrequired to make a camping trip was just not worth keeping it around. I was also informedthat if Katie didn't have a bathroom she isnt camping any more. So introducing the1971 nomad trailer. They were made in oregon and later bought out by some large company.This little trailer is in amazing condition belonging to a old bird hunter. No stink!there were 2 leaks that I have since replaced, and I spent about 80 hours rebuildingall the ruined framing that it produced. What a pain that was. Little guy has a DC/LPfridge, heater, water, head, fully "self contained" only convenience it don't haveis a water heater but hey its camping right? sleeps 6 but that is a total lie it wouldsleep 4 with no issues 6 is just insane.

Personally I like that it matches the truck, ahh 1970's brown! More pictureson the feed we took it out last week and all went well (even with Max) here isto a new tradition of Keeton Kamping!

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