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Review of iPad and Kelly’s top Apps for Real IT people

So I recently got a iPad, I am not a apple fan I actually don't like much about applebut the hardware quality they produce. The iPad is very clever device powerful enoughfor a super user but easy enough for a 4 year old. Some serious issues that I havewith the device OS however is no central storage, which allows every app to have itsown storage space. Which forces the users to use a cloud file storage space. Whichstinks for security. That is my only major gripe about it however. Otherwise I amvery happy and have replaced my laptop almost for every non critical work task (cantdo my real job from one) but I can do email and lightly review and edit documentsand calendar on exchange.

I did choose to upgrade to the middle class memory unit, which after 2 months of useI couldn't have been happier with.. I filled up 16GB in apps alone in about 3 weeks.Add music and some movies and my iPad has about 1.2gb free today. I also updated tothe ATT 3G unit. I also couldn't have been happier with this. I use almost 2GB a monthand without this 3G the iPad is mostly a useless large iPod. As a consultant I findmy self constantly in locations with networks I cant use or don't have access to.Also while driving, or sitting in an airport having access to internet now thru anetwork I likely trust more is invaluable.

The first thing I did when I popped it out of the box was change the way it handledsecurity, I set a default lock of 10min and changed from a PIN password to a "real"alphanumeric locking password. I also allowed the device to be wiped clean after 10failed logins. The next thing I did was create a lock wallpaper (using good old ms-paint)which stated the owner information (me) and a friendly reward on return with my contactinfo. This way if my device is lost somewhere a kind person can return it so I don'thave to worry as much.  I also hesitantly applied for the location service fromapple to "find my device" I gave into allowing my constant location awareness herebecause it's a cool service, but sadly its at a huge cost of allowing some serviceto locate me 24/7.

I also did try jail breaking my ipad but found no significant reason to keep it jailbrokenand after reviewing the app-store for jailbreak.. decided its not worth my time topay for apps that might get removed in the next apple release of iOS. other then SBStoolbarthere just wasn't any apps that were worth my time (remember the whole point of thistablet is to have something that just .works all the time)

So after that fun . on to the App's I have spent a lot of time looking and reviewingat free apps and non free apps. So I give to you in a jumbled list

Kelly's Top iPad Apps for IT professionals.

The must have apps, no questions asked.

  • Goodreader, this app is hands down the most important app on my iPad its invaluableand you can read about it elsewhere.
  • FlipBoard,this is the best RSS/News/Social reader I have found I use this app every day allday* (very cool to link with google reader feed)
  • Editions,this is a awesome news reader
  • AudioNote,I prefer this to evernote as I don't like to keep my notes in a cloud. this app allowshandwriting, audio recording, and note taking all wonderfully wrapped into a awesomeapp
  • imo,instant messaging application.. best I have found so far to communicate with my familyand co workers across multi chat platforms.
  • NightStand,alarm clock application which allows sleep to any music and wake to music and veryhandy to remember what city your waking up in
  • CalculatorLCD, the best free non obnoxious calculator app (why the hell isnt apple providingone for free?)
  • iSSH,a very awesome SSH/Tunnel client its $10 bucks ..just pay for it
  • NSlookup, afree and useful DNS tool
  • FileBrowser,the best file access product for accessing windows file shares I have come across
  • WisePocket Cloud,the free version will allow you to connect to one RDP or VNC or Citrix and it hasa slick user interface. just re configure it when you need to connect else where
  • 2XRDP client the only good free RDP client I have found so far
  • waze,free mapping and GPS guidance application

Apps that are IT focused, not must haves but things I found I use consistently

  • WebEx, GoToMeeting (ifyou find you attend a lot of meetings and want to be hip and trendy)
  • As a consultant I also have McafeeEMM, JunosPulse,Cisco Anyconnect todemo and use the various networks but these are by no means needed for everyone
  • Penultimate fordifferent types of smart white boarding this app is smart to know if you rest yourhand on it rather then just a finger
  • VMWareView
  • Print to PDF,this is not free but I find it very useful for printing boarding passes for lateruse or just for the use of a printer when needed for apps
  • Converter,unit converter for the version if you look for it
  • Alarmed,count up and count down timer application
  • VTrace traceroutwith visual map

Apps that have nothing to do with IT but are fun and I like em!

Media Apps

  • Pandora,obvious awesome free audio
  • iCatcher,podcast viewer and player, the best one I have found
  • CoverJam,cool little visual app for playing music
  • Aweditorium,cool music discovery application
  • SoundHound,AWESOME music application
  • DragonDictation Speech to Text, handy for emails while driving
  • Flixter,find movies around you
  • 8mm HD, niftyvideo recording application
  • Xfinity, Netflix, HBOGo, streaming video if you don't pay for an account you can use others!
  • Songify, sillyfun application
  • PopBooth,cool way to send photos of family to family
  • iMovie, greatway to get family videos quickly
  • AOL TV, nicelocation aware TV guide
  • Skype,chatting with family great on 3G and Wifi
  • Taptalk,BBS forum reader
  • NPR, CNN NPRcuz they are good and CNN because you can stream video live
  • DerManDar waycool panorama photo taker

General Apps

  • GoogleSearch (photo, voice search)
  • Amazon, eBay, NewEgg,specialized shopping apps
  • BankOfAmerica,actually a very nice application for banking
  • CraisgslistFree, very fun application for browsing CL highly recommend
  • Zillow, how much isthat house worth?
  • RedLaser,barcode and Qcode reader and price checker
  • WeeklyAds,gets you the junk mail in digital forum save a tree get digital ads
  • Alfred, nicerestaurant locator when your out in a new area
  • AmazonPrice Check, handy for controlling impulse buys
  • pUniverseX,(note I couldn't find the link for the free one) a star locator real cool app if youhave never seen this get the free copy
  • Bing for iPad,this application is actually very well done.
  • WebMD,is it a spider bite or just a big zit?
  • QuickOffice, but only if its on sale it's a good app but has some serious securityissues in sharing files..
  • IMDb,nice to have to remember that actor
  • MyPad,a ok Facebook application its not the best I actually prefer FlipBook or the Browsermore
  • Mileage Keeper,handy application to track gas mileage, I have a old truck and so this is super handy
  • Photo365,reminds you to take a photo every day cool at the end of the year - just wish youcould print or email the calendar

Reader Apps

Travel Apps

  • Google Earth,the original
  • WSFSchedule, Nifty schedule and camera and wait time app
  • SeattleFrwys, cool app for traffic cam, speeds and traffic map
  • Day Tides,MultiTide, I dive so this is handy
  • WikiHood, Thisapp is real cool it will take your location and show any wiki articles.. its fun
  • iExit Light,way cool application to show you what services are ahead on the freeway very handy
  • Yelp, Groupon, UrbanSpoon, AroundMe, handy apps to see discounts and deals and reviews around you

Games ones I have enjoyed see the note below about flipboard I normally don't payfor games but get them when they are free. I cant tell you how critical this is. Justdownload the game when its free and play it later. If you don't like the game youcan always delete it later, if it becomes a hit and they seriously upgrade it youalways have it in your "purchased" software list so you can go get it again if youdon't like it. I cant tell you how awesome it is to have someone show you a cool gameyou didn't understand or have time to play with before .to just go to your purchasedapps and download it later on.

  • World ofGoo, if you have ever played this on the Wii or Xbox you will love the touch interface
  • Harbor Master,way cool line drawing application
  • Cross Fingers,fun wood block puzzle game has a free version
  • UnblockMe, classic wood block puzzle game has a free verison
  • Cutthe Rope, this game is like angry birds it stands up to the hype linked to a freeversion
  • Cover Orange,this game unlike angry birds I don't understand the hype . I don't get why this gameis so liked
  • Edge, this gameis different and if you see it free its fun
  • GameTools,this is handy to have it provides dice and a timer and score keeping for traditionalboard games
  • LemonadeTycoon, the old classic sim in its originality
  • Labyrinth,fun retro game on the iPad
  • DrawRace, thisgame is worth checking out for free when advertised
  • Contraptions rememberthe old days of The Incredible Machine?
  • PushCarsHD freepuzzle game that is fun
  • ICircut, thisisnt a game but I consider it one
  • To-Fu Free,platformer game that is fun
  • HardLines,free tron/snake game that is rad
  • Save OurSheep, its ok.. not worth the money IMO watch for it for free
  • ZombieSmashHD,Zombie Slinger Fun, lives up to the hype
  • Wind Tunnel,addictive physics .game?
  • KillLights,closest thing to geometry wars but for free
  • TinyTower,I got addicted to this game ..its free so that was why
  • Rolling Ranch,bubble bobble like game only advanced

*the note on FlipBoard, if you set it up there is a feed for "Apps" you want to subscribeto this feed. It will tell you the top free apps of the day and apps that go on sale.Most of my apps I have gotten for free or for sale because I watch this feed. Itswonderful for saving money or finding a new cool game.

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