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Hacking gogo inflight wireless

So I was stuck on an aircraft today and went to use the gogo service. The server forauth was failing so that wasn't fun but didgive me a reason to see what I could do about it.

After some time messing around in the domain space I quickly noticed that a errorpage in https had a we are sorry icon from a cache provider which let me to test something

Https google ...
Works! I was able to google around read the news, ah-ha but not gmail.

On to another test ..Facebook. Interesting this time I get a advertisement kick upfrom google again and a catptcha. But then redirect to Facebook proper.

So what can you learn from this... No I didn't hack gogo I just used that for a googlehit. They are on purpose allowing access to these things as obvious with the advertisementredirect... Oh well it was a good use of an hour and for a second I felt like I hackedsomething cool.

Back to the apache dump page ...

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Nerd tour of California

So I was stuck in silicon valley and thought what should I do to make this more exciting?I ended up taking a nerd tour!

After that I swung over to google, this was interesting as the security guard huntedme down. I explained I was one nerd tour and he was very happy to show me where thelargest sign I could take a photo of was. Additionally he offered to light it up withhis headlights! Very nice fellow, cheers to you google on that!

After that I wrapped it up by checking out Facebook.. Which is real boring as itsjust a campus building for Stanford. But eh

After looking around Facebook and thinking lame, I then noticed that people live acrossthe street from Facebook, which was rad I wonder if they ever look out the windowwhile face booking.

There is obviously every major tech brio and mortar in this area I did drive arounda bit and check out everything from Dell to IBM to AOL to Creative Labs ( the soundcard people) but seriously who wants pictures of all that? Did I mention that my alternativewas sitting alone in my hotel room? ....I'm not crazy.

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