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KellyKeeton in the Virtual Cloud!

So I bit the bullet and finally shut down my windows 2008 beta server that has been running since the beta was released. Running about 6 websites from my home DSL using various hacks and dasBlog, I was very happy with dasBlog being a nerdy Microsoft boy. However times have changed since my first post seven something years ago! (where my pal enjay got me to do this)

What a time it has been, well here I am after upgrading my family's blogs and things seem to be stable on the GoDaddy servers, I purchased out 4 years in advance and got coupon codes from here and there and paid 150 bucks. not bad considering 4 years of that big old server running in the basement costs about that much minus the headache of patching!

As the winds of change blow my child into screaming at 1AM after I finished feeding him and changing a diaper. I ring in a new era for one where stable hosting and 5 9's are achievable. Where I can have things like wordpress and phpBB up and running with nothing but a click of a mouse! its been a good seven years blog, lets hope in another seven your still making advancements in stories and technology advancements.

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