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Awesome new iPad note taking app

One of the most important features that I consider the iPad for in day-to-day business is the ability to take good notes. Previously I used another application called audionote. I recently found a new application simply by browsing the app store and luck... It was on sale for 99cents which I am a sucker for.

The app is noteability this app blew my mind. Not only is it an awesome editor for documents and making handwriting and text and photos flow nicely. But the management of all the features with the touch interface is simply awesome.

This application will allow you to email in rtf or PDF with the audio It's a clean PDF file no mention of the application developer (one major issue I had with the audionote app I used prior)

In the end notability just shines so much it's seriously crazy professional and can be used for more then just making notes in a class or meeting you can publish some nice documents with it. I love it!

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