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WSPR Disk Space Use and a cool disk use tool Space Sniffer to locate it.

So I was working with WSPR which is a propagation tool for HAM radio, I had just put my 80M loop back in the air and wondered what I could do with it at a better height. so I kicked up WSPR. After a few hours I noticed my disk space was getting full, having seen the tool on Scott’s blog called Space Sniffer I thought to check it out for this task. What an awesome tool! This is sort of like the KDirStat Project (WinDirStat) but a lot more “fancy”. Particularly it shows data in a better format I feel. So I then noticed something that WSPR was eating up 15GB of my hard disk! Yikes So I deleted all that mess, and back to testing my 80M station BTW if your wondering the data is wasted in this directory %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\WSPR\save

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