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Fix up your pc without me!

So the other day I was trying to remove windows update junk files and ran into this little application, slimcleaner. It's a rare, and functional nifty application. 
Not only will this do a rather awesome job at finding just about everything I can think of to remove that is temporarary. It will also look at everything you have and rate it for "community trustworthiness" very awesome.
If your pc is slow or just needs a sprucing up I highly recommend running this application and run everything on it that is "easy or normal user" if you see it report that you have risky software remove it!
One word of warning this software makes money with a partnership with other people when you install it they ask if you want to install AVG browser bar. Well I'm sure this is handy software please be aware this could slow you down and to decline the install of such software if your don't want it.