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How SpotOn saved me from canceling Spotify

So I suckered into going legal by using Spotify, after lots of consideration of the iMatch in the iCloud I decided that I only want to stream music and not deal with storage on a device. I am tired of paying crazy prices for apples storage memory. 

So I chose Spotify, found a long free trial of premium, and love the ability to just search up (almost any) song I want. Then, also link to my home pc for music they just don't have yet. Whatever ... if you have a clue you have seen enough about this.

But here, at the end of my demo of Spotify... And I am not happy, two things 1) the Spotify radio isn't available in the iOS app. 2) the iOS app is not universal. Simple things if you ask me and it's a joke they don't simply solve them. Enough to make me dump it and go back to just using pandora.

Break from that for a moment...

I love pandora, I have used it for years and the most amazing thing about 3G is having pandora in my car. However, I seem to lately have ran pandora dry, the radio stations seem to be repetitive and I listened to all the music there is to listen to that I like. (nothing wrong with that) one thing about pandora I never liked is the penalty for skipping songs or FF/RW. 

Back to program... So I complained on the online Spotify support to get totally ignored (lame). Just today I saw this post about a app SpotOn it's a API that will run pandora like radio and use your premium account to play music. All from iOS. I hope someone sees this blog post because the only reason I didn't cancel Spotify this month is because of this app. Now I don't know how good it is with random new and loved music as its only 6 hours old and I have ran it on my iPad for 20 min while blabbering my thoughts here. So far it promises to please, playing random music - At least in this period. So another month of premium thanks only ... and solely to the creators of SpotOn



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