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K7MHI has a Tower and Beam!

Whew.. what a lot of work! after a lot of help and planning, the antenna project is done! Tower up Antenna up.. lets hope that's the last of it!

You can see full detailed info and photos of the tower install here, and of the antenna install here.

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New Antenna Almost in the air!

So its been a long time dream in the works for every ham operator to get a tower in the air. With great cost, I ended up with an antenna from AA7ST-SK. This combined with a tower from my neighbor W7LRD. Brings me to today.. The dry run testing of everything connected on the ground!

Antenna rotor is working awesome, SWR is awesome, all systems go! this weekend I have a man lift on order to put everything on line! and 50ft up!

full details here on the tower project

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